Recently, Downtown New Westminster did a blog post about donairs in Downtown New West. It did not escape our notice that the top of their list was Zaaki Cuisine. Which is, of course, in Uptown.

We can only but assume that the reason for this is jealousy.  Because while their two adorable donair destinations provide delicious donairs that delight, they simply can’t compare to the donairs up h’ere.

Zaaki Cuisine 589 6th St
Zaaki Cuisine is an incredible family owned restaurant that’s size does not reflect the flavour. Fresh made pickled veg, mouth watering meat and a donair that will fill your belly, and soul. Our favourite part has to be the sauces. Garlicky, packed with flavour and generously provided….and for you east coasters, they even have a Halifax style donair! No fries…but they don’t need em.  Five yums UP (town New West)

Photo by Shermans Food Adventures

Mediterranean Donair: 733 6th St
This donair destination is the smallest of the Uptown New West donair offerings, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. This tiny store front only has room for a kitchen and the donair magician himself. Offering beef, lamb and chicken options, these donairs tend to be simpler with less toppings, but those toppings are fresh and carefully chosen. And lots of meat served on a freshly warmed pita. No fries, but who needs them when the food is this good. (oh. Downtown. Apparently Downtown needs fries) Five yums UP (town New West)

Photo  by PennyandRusty

Ishtar Donair  344 6th St
Ishtar Donair is the new kid on the block for donairs in Uptown New West, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they are doing. This spacious restaurant has a menu filled with delicious offerings, but their donairs are the stand out. The perfectly sliced lamb or beef (or both) is juicy and delicious with plenty of toppings to satisfy every donair craving. Big servings with big flavour. And these guys have fries for those that needs them. And they are goooooood. Pro tip: Order the donair poutine off the secret menu. You will NOT be disappointed. Five more yums Up (town New West)

Paradise Donair  723 12th St #3
While technically not QUITE in Uptown, it’s up from Downtown, so that’s up enough for us. These guys get a shout out for the sheer VOLUME of servings. Small, medium, large and Kick Ass. We think they’re related to Coming Home Cafe‘s Kick Ass Grandma. Which means they might as well be Uptown.  Robust servings that may cause a food coma, but you’ll be happy because it tastes so good. No fries, just goodness. Five yums Up (townish New West)

Whether its Up or Down (really, its Up. Lets be honest). New West is filled with fabulous donair offerings. We’d love to know your favourites…although we’re pretty sure it’ll ONLY be the ones on this list. LETS HEAR IT FOR #TeamUpNW