The Uptown Business Association, in collaboration with the City of New Westminster, has created a pedestrian zone for Uptown New West on the four Saturdays in July 2020.

Starting July 4, from 9 am – 7 pm the two-block stretch of Sixth Street from Fifth Avenue North to Sixth Avenue will be blocked to all vehicle traffic, transit & parking.   In addition the half-block of Belmont Street from Sixth Street West to the Tunnel/alley.  This area will become the Uptown Ped Zone! Closed to streets, open to more people to allow for safe social distancing and easier access to businesses.

See map with T-section in Red noting closed section:

Coast Mountain Bus Service on the 106 will continue as normal with a diversion around this section.  All Parking at the Westminster Centre Parkade (accessed on Fifth Street) and Royal City Centre Parkade and all the on-street parking on surrounding blocks will be available as normal.  Only the section noted at left will be closed to vehicles, transit and parking.

We’ve envisioned this closure as an opportunity for the business owners and citizens of Uptown to claim and use the space.  We hope that walkers, cyclists, kids, youth and adults will enjoy the space free of cars and traffic, allowing for safe social distancing and movement.

Business owners are encouraged to:

  • welcome people to the space — reassure your regulars that the space is theirs to enjoy without cars, traffic or parking hassles.
  • program something special in your windows, inside your location and/or in the space in front of your business (a contest, seating area, special service?)
  • continue to promote and observe all the social distancing and COVID precautions you’ve adopted.

If you have any questions or concerns about this initiative please contact Erin at the Uptown Business Association at