When the weather gets colder, our thoughts turn to that most magical of foods…that food that warms your body from the inside out.  That food that always seems to taste better with snowflakes on your eyelashes and a chill in your bones.

We’re talkin’ bout soup.

Luckily, there is no shortage of amazing soup to be had in Uptown New West.  We should know…we’ve been filling our bellies ever since the snow started.

Like our children, we can’t pick a favourite…so here are just a few that keep us warm when those flakes get a falling.

chicken pot pie soup

Pot Pie Soup  Belmont Cafe

It’s a soup. It’s a pot pie! It’s delicious and designed to hug you hard from the inside out. Chicken, mushroom and beef available…changes daily.


Borsch Solodko Ukranian Bakery

There are few things we love more than beets.  And beets in soup? Count us in.  This delicious soup is the Ukranian version of a hand warmer.  For your tummy.


Borscht Russian Spoon Bakery

That’s right. Two beet soups. We can’t pick just one. This one is the Russian version and is just as delicious and cozy. We’re thinking you might need to do a taste test…


Laksa Tamarind Hill

We’re pretty confident that this is the best Laksa you’ll find outside of Malaysia.  This traditional street food is cooked to cozy, coconutty perfection.

split pea

Soup of the Day Coming Home Cafe

Grandma knows soup. Grandma also gets creative and changes her soup daily. We’ve never had a bad one though. This one is vegan split pea. Yum

Do you have a favourite soup in Uptown? Let us know which one it is!