My Uptown is the online guide and resource for all things Uptown New Westminster!  It is managed by the Uptown Business Association (UBA). The UBA is a non-profit organization incorporated in September 2014. It represents all Businesses and Property Owners in the designated uptown area and is funded through a property tax levy. The key purpose of the UBA is to develop, encourage, and promote business in Uptown New Westminster and to generate revitalization and improvement in the region. It is managed by a board of elected directors representing business owners, landlords and service providers in the area who lead and serve on five committees that focus on the five pillars of the UBA.

The Board of the UBA is elected in November at the AGM.

The 2023/2024 Board of Directors for the UBA are as follows:

The five committees of the UBA are:

  • Street Beautification– This Committee is committed to work towards a beautiful and dynamic Uptown. Develop coordinated efforts between Merchants, Property Owners, other Community groups and Municipality, to improve streetscape and property within the UBA.
  • Marketing– Promote Uptown and its businesses and services to residents and externally. Support existing events and engage with owners and merchants.
  • Outreach– Engaging the with the non profit community to elevate the region of Uptown and provide meaningful impact to the area where we work and live.
  • Events-Organize and facilitate events that drive business to the area including Uptown Live, Uptown Unplugged, Recovery Day and the Royal City Farmers Market Winter Market
  • Advocacy– The UBA works to attract and promote business in the area, and be the voice for our members and the community that surrounds us.

If you are a business or service in Uptown New West and would like more information as to how you can become involved in the UBA, please contact us at